Sirenco offers a range of products designed for mobile uses like camping lights, recently we’ve wondered where the whole culture and activity originated from, if you’re an avid fan of camping trips, you likely enjoy these interesting facts about camping and the outdoors.


Fact 1

Tents have been used as shelters out in the wild since the dawn of humanity, archaeological evidence shows that tents have been around as early as the Iron Age.


Fact 2

Confederate States Army Officer Henry Hopkins Sibley invented the first modern tent in 1855. He modeled his “bell tent” after Native American tents, using canvas instead of buffalo hides.


Fact 3

The most popular camping gear choice to purchase is a Camping lights, this is followed by a sleeping bag and hiking shoes.


Fact 4

Forget bears, the most fatal accidents from camping is caused by drowning, this is followed by car accidents and falling.


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Sirenco Emergency Flare

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Sirenco Blaster

Sirenco Blaster


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