Explosion-proof products for the Mining Industry


Many industries and businesses have potentially explosive atmospheres. These include mines, petrochemical plants, mills (flour, timber, etc…), and spray booths. Of these, the mining industry is certainly one of the most significant because it combines the presence of gases and electricity, oxygen, and plenty of dust. Of course, a major part of the health and safety initiatives in the mines and other explosive atmospheres is to prevent these potentially fatal explosions by using flame- and explosion-proof products.

The Mining Industry in South Africa – A Quick Look

The mining industry forms part of the primary sector in South Africa and provides employment and income to tens of thousands of families. The industry is responsible for more than 8% of the GDP in South Africa at present, which amounts to more than R230,5 billion. South African mineral resources are rich in diversity; and different commodities like coal, platinum, diamonds, gold, and iron ore are mined today.

As such, this is an industry that needs the safest and most efficient equipment so that the mines can operate optimally and the people working in these hazardous environments are protected.

explosion-proof products for the mining industry

Why Are Explosion-Proof Products Necessary?

Many industries have hazardous areas (also known as ex areas or explosive atmospheres), in which flammable gases, liquids or vapours occur or in which there are dangerous amounts of combustible gases. Mining is one of the most significant of these industries in South Africa. Because of the potential dangers associated with such hazardous areas, all of the electrical equipment in such areas needs to be designed in such a way that sparks or heat from the device do not ignite the gasses to cause an explosion and the resulting loss of life or property.

An explosive atmosphere refers to any area in which there is:

  1. A combustible substance like gas, dust or a flammable liquid
  2. Oxygen
  3. Ignition potential (such as the presence of a spark or even high temperatures)

In addition to the mining industry, explosion-proof products are necessary for oil refineries, chemical processing plants, sewerage treatment plants, operating theatres in hospitals, and sugar refineries.

Explosion-Proof Products

KAMA Industries manufactures a range of explosion-proof equipment for various industries. These are suitable for a variety of above- and below-ground applications because each product has been designed to be used safely within hazardous atmospheres. The custom-designed enclosure ensures that each piece of equipment is completely encapsulated and exposes no spark to the external environment. This means that they are safe to use in hazardous areas without the threat of causing fires or explosions. Importantly, this enclosure does not compromise on its functionality at all.

Flame-proof and explosion-proof products (such as an explosion-proof siren) need an enclosure that is strong enough to withstand the internal pressures of an explosion without distorting or cracking. To test the durability of these hazardous environment products, the equipment has to undergo an explosion in a simulated environment. EX products must comply with very strict international manufacturing standards.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Control System     IECEx explosion-proof products Certification standards     MASC explosion-proof products Certification standards

KAMA Industries Products

Our explosion-proof products include:

  • Sirens and sounders (including back-up alarms in the case of power cuts, and industrial and mining alarms)
  • Beacons and flashers
  • Terminal and junction boxes
  • Isolator switches
  • Vehicle and area lights
  • Break-glass call points

How KAMA Industries Boosts Your Business

Kama's explosion-proof products ensure that your hazardous working environment is as safe and productive as possible, particularly in the mining industry

By using explosion-proof products in your hazardous areas, you minimise the risk of an incident. You also protect your employees, property and other equipment. KAMA products come with two-year and five-year guarantees.

Research has shown that employees produce a better quality of work when they feel valued. By installing equipment that is explosion-proof, your company not only creates a safe environment for your employees but also actively assures them of their value in the workplace. This, in turn, creates a more productive environment.

South African Flameproof Association

We are proud members of the South African Flameproof Association.

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