Banshee EX 3LF Siren S1

The Banshee EX 3LF Siren S1 is suitable for use in fiery mines, petrochemical plants, and areas where an explosion-protected device is required. It is a heavy-duty explosion-protected siren, with a cast iron totally enclosed motor, which is independently certified.




The Banshee EX 3LF Siren S1 is a high-performance audible warning device designed for use in hazardous environments. Suitable for use in explosive atmospheres found in petrochemical plants, oil refineries, and other industrial settings, this siren is designed to meet the strict requirements of explosion protection standards.

Featuring a robust and durable construction with a stainless steel body, the Banshee EX 3LF Siren S1 is built to withstand harsh conditions and provide reliable performance. The siren produces a powerful sound output of up to 119 dB, ensuring effective audible warnings even in noisy environments.

With easy installation options, including bracket or pipe mounting, the Banshee EX 3LF Siren S1 offers flexibility in positioning to suit your specific needs. It is designed to comply with international explosion protection standards, including ATEX and IECEx, making it suitable for use in hazardous areas worldwide.

Enhance safety in your hazardous environment with the Banshee EX 3LF Siren S1, delivering robust construction, powerful sound output, and compliance with international standards for explosion protection.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 40 × 38 × 30 cm