The largest siren, signalling and warning equipment manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere

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Who We Are

KAMA Industries has been manufacturing audible and visual signalling devices since 1989 and is presently the largest manufacturer of safety and warning equipment in the Southern Hemisphere. We design and manufacture evacuation, notification, and warning equipment for the mining, automotive, safety, emergency services, petrochemical, marine and industrial sectors and we also designs and manufactures explosion-protected devices and mine vehicle lights for various OEM companies. We are based in South Africa, but we distribute our world-class products to various countries across the globe.

Here at KAMA Industries, we manufacture our local brands (Sirenco and Banshee) according to ISO 9001 standards and have ISO 9001:2015 certification. Additionally, we are also the proud distributor for European Safety Systems (E2S). The E2S range consists of a wide variety of electronic sounders for industrial explosion-proof/flameproof, evacuation and marine applications.

Excellent quality, attention to detail, and customer service that is based on insight into the unique needs of each client is what sets us apart from other industry parties.

What We Do

Because we know every customer is unique, we conducts a full assessment of each client’s specific needs and applications and then formulates a warning device solution to suit them. Then, we manufacture alarms and beacons that will best suit their specific application, needs, environment, and budget. By tailoring our warning equipment, we create effective solutions.

Trusted Brands

Our Warning Equipment Products and Services

As a warning equipment manufacturer, specialising in a number of different products that offer visual and audible warnings.  These include sirens, sounders, beacons, and lights. We also offer helpful services like consulting, creating bespoke solutions, conducting site inspections, and in-house testing of the products. Our local brands, Sirenco and Banshee, are renowned for their quality and flexibility for all applications; with operating voltages from 10Vdc to 500VAC, as well as battery-operated units, hand-operated sirens and air-operated horns and sirens.

Kama Industries is a Proud SAFA Partner

Why KAMA Industries?

We stand head and shoulders above many of our competitors for a number of reasons. These include:


          • All of our warning products come with warranties of between two and five years.
          • Products are manufacture locally. This translates to better lead times.
          • Valuable access to our on-site engineer.
          • Having been established more than 30 years ago, we have extensive knowledge, experience and insights into the warning device industry.
          • Customise our designs and solutions.
          • All of our products adhere to the stringent ISO 9001 standards.
          • Our warning equipment is supplied to countries all over the world.
          • We are mindful in terms of the environment and do our best to keep our footprint as small as possible.

Talk to us about your needs…

For a thorough, customised solution to all of your warning equipment manufacturing needs, contact KAMA Industries today at . Our friendly sales team are waiting to assist you with all your requirements.

KAMA Industries

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