KAMA Industries offers a full turnkey solution to any design project; from start of the project to producing and distributing the final manufactured product. 

Our facilities are certified against ISO 9001 quality standards and offers more than 30 year of experience in manufacturing and the full supply chain process.

We are the perfect partner to bring your ideas to life.


Because we know every customer is unique, we conducts a full assessment of each client’s specific needs and applications and then formulates a warning device solution to suit them. Then, we manufacture alarms and beacons that will best suit their specific application, needs, environment, and budget. By tailoring our warning equipment, we create effective solutions.


KAMA provides the creative process of generating, analysing, and
communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic
element of thought either visual, concrete, or abstract.


The second step that needs to be considered once your idea has been
conceptualisd, is to test the consept and develop it in to a feasible working product. KAMA will provide you with guidance throughout the development of the newproduct


Once your idea has been fully developed and your design and supply chain has been established, the final step ould be to start building and manufacturing your new product.

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