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The unmistakable wail of a siren is a universally recognised signal that demands attention. Sirens serve as warnings of imminent danger, prompt actions in emergency situations, or simply remind everyone that it is time to wrap up teatime. In industrial settings where machinery creates a loud ambient noise, a siren becomes a vital means of communication with employees and visitors, whether it is to clear an area or convey a standard message. As a leading siren manufacturer in South Africa, KAMA Industries offers a diverse range of warning devices to make workplaces safer and more efficient. In fact, we are the largest manufacturer of sirens in the Southern Hemisphere, supplying custom-designed products to customers worldwide.

What Are Frequencies and Decibels?

Understanding the concepts of sound frequency and decibels or volume is crucial in choosing the right siren for specific applications.

  • Sound frequency refers to the speed of sound vibrations, which determines the pitch of the sound and is measured in Hertz (Hz). The human ear can perceive sound with frequencies ranging from as low as 20Hz to as high as 20,000Hz. Low-frequency sounds, such as rumbles and growls, have longer wavelengths and can travel further, making them audible over longer distances. On the other hand, high-frequency sounds, like squeaks and hisses, have shorter wavelengths and higher pitch. While high-frequency sirens may not cover as much distance, they are effective in cutting through ambient noise in noisy environments, such as factories with machinery hum and chatter.
  • Decibels are the intensity or volume of a sound being produced. Normal speech between two people will be at around 50 or 60dB. Women can usually only reach around 75dB when shouting and men can reach about 100dB. An ambulance siren is about 120dB. Decibels decrease dramatically over distance.
Decibel vs Distance Chart - KAMA Industries
Decibel vs Distance
Examples of Industry noise levels in dB

Examples of KAMA Manufactured Sirens

KAMA Industries offers sirens with different frequencies to suit various needs. For example, the Sirenco 15D is a powerful low-frequency siren designed for outdoor use in mines, oil rigs, refineries, and industrial settings. With a sound output of 145dB at 1m and a frequency of 480/560Hz, it can cover a distance of up to 15km in still air on a flat area.

Sirenco 15D Siren

Sirenco 15D - KAMA Industries

Another option is the Sirenco 3LF, a durable low-frequency siren made of high-quality cast aluminium, ideal for factories, refineries, quarries, and construction sites with high ambient noise levels. It has a sound output of 125dB at 1m and a frequency of 560Hz, with an approximate range of 3km in still air on a flat area.

Sirenco 3LF Siren

Sirenco 3LF - KAMA Industries

For high-frequency sounders, the E2S A121 Sounder is a robust and reliable choice suitable for general signalling in fires, security, or process control. With a sound output of 126dB at 1m and a frequency of 340/2,400Hz (depending on volume settings), it can cover a distance of approximately 1km in still air on a flat area. The entire E2S range features volume control for customizable output levels.

E2S A121 Sounder

E2s A121 Sounder & AL121 Combo - KAMA Industries

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At KAMA Industries, we take pride in our expertise in siren manufacturing and provide tailored solutions based on a thorough analysis of our customers’ needs. Whether you need a siren for industrial, commercial, or emergency applications, we have the right products to meet your requirements. Contact us today at 011 472 3980 or email us at to schedule a meeting or request a quotation.


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