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The mining industry is one of the most significant industries in South Africa, contributing over 8% to the country’s GDP, with rich resources like coal, platinum, diamonds, gold, and iron ore being mined. However, working in mines involves dealing with potentially explosive atmospheres that contain gases, oxygen, and dust, making safety a top priority. To mitigate the risks of explosions, flame- and explosion-proof products are essential.

Why are Explosion-Proof Products Necessary?

Explosive atmospheres, which contain combustible substances like gas, dust, or flammable liquids, oxygen, and potential ignition sources, such as sparks or high temperatures, are common in various industries, including mining, oil refineries, chemical processing plants, hospitals, and more. To prevent explosions and protect lives and property, all electrical equipment used in such hazardous areas must be designed to avoid sparks or heat that could ignite the flammable substances.

Introducing KAMA Industries’ Explosion-Proof Products

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KAMA Industries specialises in manufacturing a wide range of explosion-proof equipment suitable for various applications in above- and below-ground mining operations. Each product is custom designed with a robust enclosure that fully encapsulates the equipment, preventing sparks from escaping into the external environment. This ensures that the equipment can be safely used in hazardous areas without posing a risk of fires or explosions, while maintaining its functionality.

KAMA Industries’ explosion-proof products include sirens and sounders, beacons and flashers, terminal and junction boxes, isolator switches, vehicle and area lights, and break-glass call points, among others. These products are rigorously tested to comply with strict international manufacturing standards, including undergoing explosions in simulated environments to ensure their durability.

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Some of Our Explosion-Proof Products:

Banshee EX 3LF Explosion Protected Siren

Banshee Ex 3LF Siren S1 - KAMA Industries

Banshee EX Isolator S3

Banshee Ex Isolator S3 - KAMA Industries

E2S Ex Push Button Call Point

E2S Ex Push Button Call Point - KAMA Industries

This is a heavy-duty, motorised, explosion protected siren with a 3km sound range.

Suitable for use in fiery mines or petrol chemical plants when de-energising electric circuits for repairs or maintenance.

These call points are approved for hazardous areas for the control of fire and gas alarm systems.

Boost Your Business with KAMA Industries

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By using KAMA Industries’ explosion-proof products in your hazardous areas, you can minimise the risk of incidents, protect your employees, property, and other equipment, and demonstrate your commitment to safety. KAMA products come with two-year and five-year guarantees, providing peace of mind and reliability. Moreover, investing in safety measures like explosion-proof products can improve employee morale and productivity, as research shows that employees perform better when they feel valued and safe in their workplace.

As proud members of the South African Flameproof Association, KAMA Industries is committed to providing high-quality explosion-proof products that meet the stringent safety requirements of the mining industry and other hazardous environments.

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Create a safe and productive environment in your hazardous areas with KAMA Industries’ explosion-proof products. Contact us at +27 11 472 3980 or for a comprehensive proposal tailored to your needs.


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