Sirenco 1500S


The Sirenco 1500S is a 1500m (1,5 km) motorised Siren. This robust siren is popular for Industrial use or large alarm systems. It can be used for Security alarms, Emergency/Fire Evacuation, Blasting and in mine and plant notification systems.
This robust powerful siren constructed from cast aluminium is ideal for all signalling or alarm applications where a heavy-duty motorised siren is required and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

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Sirenco 1500S | 1500m motorised Siren. Popular for Industrial use or large alarm systems, i.e. security alarms, emergency/fire evacuation.




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Weight 6.6 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18.3 × 18.3 cm

100VAC/DC, 220VAC/DC