Reaching the 10th week of South-Africa’s nation wide lock down we have seen the devastating effect it has had on everyone’s lives, especial the severe damage it has caused in the hospitality sector. With more than one third of the country under lock down, with an estimated 80% of hospitality worker’s who’s jobs are at risk, restaurants and bars are have all needed to drastically cut cost, scaling back and finding innovative ways to stay in business in an attempt to secure their future.

One of the main requirements to open their doors again is to have a system in place to remind staff to clean and disinfect services and appliances. Sirenco has come up with a product that easily and cost effectively solves this problem!

The Sirenco Multitone C-19 serves as a hand wash reminder. This Sounder is specifically designed to work for any type of operation, it is waterproof with a a built in timer, it has a 2 stage alarm setting and it is battery operated! This means that there is no complicated installation involved and the alarm system can be completely automated!. Once you have selected your sound and the time intervals you require, you just mount it on any surface and “Press play”. This unit is an Excellent tool to use in restaurants and kitchens, to alert staff when to sanitize the kitchen working areas helping to be COVID compliant.



For more information on The Sirenco Multitone C-19 or to request a quote, Click HERE

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