Sirenco provides a wide range of automotive and off-road 4×4 lights to the industry, lately we’ve been wondering where four wheel drive vehicles Originated, How they were built? What was the original purpose? so we compiled some fun facts on the history of 4x4s, including a section on where to mount your 4×4 light.


Fact 1

In 1898 in France, the manufacture Latil began making front wheel drive vehicles, making the natural shift to 4x4s before the turn of the century. The first 4x4s were tractors and gun tractors.


Fact 2

The word 4×4 originated in 1940 when it was used to describe North American military vehicles. 


Fact 3

The very first 4 wheel drive vehicle was made in 1903 by Jacobus & Hendrick-Jan Spijker


Fact 4

First World War produced many new 4×4 variants, these four-wheel drive trucks were for military use, and the most successful of them was the American-made ‘Jeffrey Quad’.


Fact 5

Man went to the moon in 1971 but they weren’t alone, they took the Lunar Roving Vehicle which, of course, was a 4×4. This vehicle is still on the moon to this day.


Fact 6

The most common accessory bought for off-road vehicles, is 4×4 lights.



  • Light Bars – Generally mounted on the roof, bumper or grill.  The lights are designed to shine far out in front of the vehicle while also flooding light outward on the edges.
  • Flood lights and fog lights – These lights are almost always installed low on the front bumper to help illuminate the area immediately in front of the 4×4.
  • Spot Lights –  Often mounted on top of your vehicle, as the shine a lot further ahead. They, however are not very useful when driving at high speeds.
  • Driving Lights –  Generally mounted on the grill to supplement the headlights.


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