The ringing of a school bell announces important times to a school’s students and staff, such as marking the beginnings and ends of the school day, classes, and breaks.

Fact 1:
The concept of the school bell has come from jails. The practice started during war time when imprisoned soldiers were kept in make shift prisons, the bell was a way to send out a fall-in message.

Fact 2:
In 2010, an Islamic militant group that controls large parts of Somalia–ordered school bells banned as they sounded too similar to church bells.

Fact 3:
Schools & factories with hearing impaired pupils/employees use alternative signaling methods, for example, lights and beacons that illuminate when the public address or school bell is sounding

Fact 4
Teachers from 100 years ago followed their own pace for beginning and ending the day. Unique hand bells, desk bells, and larger bells rung by the pull of a rope could all be ordered from teachers’ catalogs.

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