In today’s fun facts, we’re having a look at Gold and some interesting facts surrounding the sport. It’s pretty widely accepted that golf began in Scotland 500+ years ago. The Chinese, however, claim to have invented a similar game during the Song dynasty as far back as 943 A.D.

Why Golf?

Well, a lot of you might not be aware, but the majority of South-African Golf courses utilize the Sirenco 15D in their Lightning and disaster warning notification system, so we thought to share some interesting fats about these interesting green fields.



Fact #1
The first ever golf balls were made of thin leather, stuffed with goose feathers. ‘Feather balls’ were used up until 1848.

Fact #2
There’s a 12,500 to 1 chance a typical golfer will make a hole-in-one. That’s because the width of the hole is so small. Even professional golfers can go their whole career without making a hole-in-one!

Fact #3
Contrary to popular believe, golf is actually a dangerous sport. Getting hit by a golf ball is no joke, with a velocity of 148 mph upon impact, the force of impact can knock the wind right out of you.

Fact #4
The term ‘birdie’ comes from the late 19th century, when an American gentleman named Ab Smith came up with the phrase, ‘bird of a shot,’ while playing, which eventually turned into the term we use today.

Fact #5
Before golf tees, players would shape mounds of sand and place the golf ball on top. Tees were finally popularized in the 1920s.

Fact #6
Golf has actually been played on the moon! It is only 1 of 2 sports to literally have been played out-of-this-world, along with the javelin throw. Back in 1971, Apollo 14 astronaut, Alan Shepard, swung a one-handed shot with a six-iron, which was all his pressure suit would allow.


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